Hairstyles and Sex

Why is it that some guys love a certain hairstyle? Whether it be pigtails, ponytails, long hair, short hair, fros, curls…etc, every guy gets aroused by a certain look. I’m noticing that more and more in porn, the women show up with these pigtails with bows that made them look younger than they really were. So that raises the question? Why do they love certain hairstyles? The most popular ones I have found are long hair that can cover the boobies (not the bird, lol) and pigtails. So I asked some of my closest guy friends why the love pigtails and long hair. Some of the responses were, “pigtails are fun to pull on”, “straight hair teases me with a partial view of the breasts”…etc. Basically hair is part of the total sexual package. When you dress up, you have to do the hair and makeup and the whole shebang otherwise he may not be as “happy” as you would like him to be.


3 thoughts on “Hairstyles and Sex

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  3. I so agree…good sex includes a bit of foreplay…exotica…and lots of fun! and playing with hair can be lotsa fun…drag it across your partners parts…gather it in a bundle and poke them with it…”write” on them with it.
    Course…I’ve always only had long hair, so u length-challenged folks have to figure it out for yourselves. 8^)

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